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Oops, I did it again (another Roden)

You would think that my misadventures building the B-36 would have kept me away from Roden kits for a while, but noooooo...

Here is the latest addition to the collection: a 1/44 RC-135 SIGINT plane (Rivet Joint). For photos and a build report, check

On the positive side, the overall quality of this kit was better than what I found in the slightly older B-36D, so it seems like Roden is on a path to improvement. On the negative, the decals continue to be terrible, the worst I have ever tried to use (even counting those that came with 40 year old "vintage" kits).

Roden, I love you for bringing to us kits of unusual subjects, which don't cost the Earth. But can you please find another printer for your decals?

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1 Comment

Yes, you did it again and it is a wonderful result, Marcelo!


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