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Australian Model Expo 2023 results!

This weekend we had the 40th Anniversary Australian Model Expo. I won't try to show you all the fantastic stuff that was presented, but there are already a few Youtube videos showing how great it was. Here I just want to record my results!

- HMS Eagle (Fujimi, 1/700) got second place in the Ships/ Powered/ Small Scale category - not bad for a >30 year old kit built out of the box!

- USS Elmer Montgomery (AFV, 1/700) got third place in the same category:

My B-36 Peacemaker (Roden, 1/144) placed third in the Aircraft- microscale category:

And the Italeri 1/48 Tigercat got a Commendation in the Medium scale aircraft/ Propeller/ Allied/ Out of the Box category:

It will be hard to wait another 12 months until the next...

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